Technical Blow Moulding

IG8 has done many blow molding parts in the past. From hunting duck decoys to sports water bottles, we can have it blow molded.
Injection blow molding is commonly used to manufacture highly precise containers. IG8 can also do stretch and extrusion blow molding.
By using a technical blow molding approach, you can reduce assembly time and failure rate. IG8 blow mold solutions can greatly improve the performance of your product.

Blow Molded Parts Can Have

  • Threaded necks and internal threads
  • Bends, convolutes and other complex forms
  • Varying material thickness and high tolerance
  • Integrally molded handles
  • Plastic / metal inserts
  • Riveted-on extrusions
  • ​Undercuts and flanges to facilitate post assembly operations
  • Additives including flame retardants
  • Color matching
  • Materials include HDPE, LDPE, MDPE, PP, ABS, PET, PVC, Post-Consumer Recycled HD, glass filled nylon and types of TPR

Not sure if IG8 can help out on your blow mold part? Ask us today!

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